Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Recap: Top 24 REVEALED

This season we have dealt with not only a change on the judges panel but also in the show itself. Some are disappointing changes but others proved to be fairly well. One thing that hasn't changed is the talent, the contestants that have managed to captivate America with their charm and powerful abilities.
This past week we were given the names of the Top 24 and the results were at times stunning but over all were pleasant. It's no doubt that this season will be fixed with all the same amazing performances and charisma that helps make these Idols a star.
Ladies and gentleman, your Top 24! Get ready to start voting next week! Excited yet?

Top 12 guys

Casey James

Andrew Garcia

Lee Dewyze

Todrick Hall

Tyler Grady

John Park

Aaron Kelly

Alex Lambert

Michael Lynche

Tim Urban

Top 12 Girls

Lilly Scott

Crystal Bowersox

Ashley Rodriguez

Didi Benami

Haeley Vaughn

Janelle Wheeler

Katelyn Epperly

Katie Stevens

Lacey Brown

Michelle Delamor

Paige Miles

Siobhan Magnus

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