Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weekly Review: Denver/ best of the rest auditions

This season's audition rounds have come to a close and soon Hollywood week will take over. The hard work, frustration, harsh critiques, and many cuts will take place. However first there were a few more worthy contestants to watch who made up the 181 golden ticket receivers.

In Denver Victoria Beckham was again the guest judge and on the first day we saw one of the best outcomes. However only one did we pick. The Best of the Rest episode showed plenty of talent and truly did save the best for last.

Casey James

In Denver Casey James made his mark on both the judges and we here at IdolWood. We look forward to seeing him in Hollywood.

Lee Dewyze

His deep voice was only shown for a brief moment but it was enough to excite us.

Didi Benami

This soulful singer came in with a heartbreaking and touching story as well as one of the best auditions.

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