Sunday, November 29, 2009

Album Review: Adam lambert's debut

For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert has fixed himself into the world of Hollywood's music scene with a series of controversies and publicity. He became famous after performing so bombastically on Idol, even before he ever released a single or album. But recently he has released his album, appropriately called For Your Entertainment.

Lambert's album rarely matches the depth and soul which Idol winner's Kris Allen's CD reaches but it shows the height of Lambert's vocal talent and his amazing ability to entertain. A fusion of pop, dance, with just a little bit of rock, his album reaches the craze of today's coverage on passing the "normal" boundaries of everyday performers.

Having enlisted the help of today's top song writers such as Pink, Matt Bellamy, and Ryan Teddar the album exudes what the billboards thirst for to become hits. And Lambert's vocal range is apparent on each track that is recorded with synth music and a chart topping kind of flavor.

The best track would have to be Soaked. Reminiscent of one of the powerful songs from Muse (Singer Matt Bellamy wrote the song) it gives a wonderful lulling wave of piano and a smooth vocal. Another highlight would have to be Sleepwalker (written by hit maker and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Teddar). It presents an otherworldly sound with a sheet of powerful lyrics.
Most of the songs are edgy dance melodies that give you enough volume and excitement to keep you on your feet throughout the night as you listen to it.

Lambert's voice is what makes this album a highlight. He has certainly emerged into the spotlight of what people expected from him since his popular days on Idol. He will surely become one of the biggest entertainers of the decade. I'll be surprised with anything less.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

7 things we're thankful for...

2009's Idol season brought us so many different milestones, moments, memories, and of course a new Idol winner. But there were moments that we could never forget, ones that will stay with us until- well forever. So we will be counting down the 10 moments we were most thankful for this past Idol season.

7: Adam Lambert's Ring of Fire Performance

Adam Lambert's performance of Ring of Fire proved to be one of the most groundbreaking and original performances Idol has ever witnessed. Although Lambert had previously shown his unique personality, Ring of Fire declared exactly who he was as an artist.

6:Kris Allen performs Heartless

Kris Allen was no stranger when it came to mixing up a song and making it all his own but when he performed an acoustic cover of Kanye West's Heartless it was literally a grand surprise. Kris Allen not only won over America with such an outstanding performance but he also received amazing feedback as well as the Idol crown. He showed himself as a true artist when he announced he was performing that.

5: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert perform with Queen

Rock legends Queen have always been at the center of true stardom and artistry so when it was revealed that they would be gracing the Idol stage everyone was excited. Seeing the two top finalists on stage with them was truly compelling. Even more amazing was that they truly did hold their own amid all that star-power.

4: Matt Giraud is saved by the judges

History was made on April 15th when Matt Giraud was saved by the judges after having been eliminated by fan votes. He went on to give two more wonderful performances and gave us a moment we aren't likely to forget.

3: Daughtry unveils new song

Music sensation Daughtry wowed the crowd once more with their new smash single No Surprise. Not only did they unveil a new song but this marked another well accepted performance by front man Chris Daughtry, who received thunderous applause mimicking the kind he got while a contestant on the show.

2: David Cook returns not once....but TWICE

Reigning Idol winner David Cook returned to the Idol stage in early April to perform his second single Come Back To Me and was presented with the plaque of his platinum record. But Cook truly showed his artistic quality when he returned for the finale after such a short while after his brother passed away. He performed a heartbreaking rendition of Permanent. He proved that he will always be one of the best Idol winners.

1: Kris Allen Wins American Idol

Kris Allen looked the most surprised out of all of the Idol winners before him and it became a truly priceless moment.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adam Lambert's new video and American Idol return date!

Adam Lambert has unveiled the premiere of his music video "For Your Entertainment" and it has indeed satisfied the public's anticipation for all things Adam! He has come out with his amazing star quality and his overwhelming talent. Adam has sure exceeded my expectations.

American Idol is set to return on January 13th 2009. An exciting season is bound to unfold what with a judge change, Ellen Degeneres has taken Paula Abdul's spot, and the usual mass of talent and excitement.

Higher Quality Video OF David Cook On Regis And Kelly!

Ok, we promised when we found one we would post it. So here it is! It was put up on David Cook's official site today! Just click the link be low to watch it!

Get Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, And Allison Iraheta To Perform In Your Town!

Your town could be the lucky winner to get the three past Idol contestants to perform! Simply click the link below and demand them in your town!

Today ABC's Good Morning American canceled Adam Lambert's scheduled appearance on the show. An ABC News spokesperson reported to Access Hollywood, "Given his controversial live performance on the AMAs we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning." But you can still see Adam on The Early Show on CBS which will air on the 25th. CBS says Adam will "discuss his recent controversial 'American Music Awards' performance." Adam will perform two songs on "The Early Show," but will not perform "For Your Entertainment," his song from the AMAs. You can also check him out on December 1st when he will be appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' show.

Click the below link to watch a seven part video series of Kris Allen's journey making his self titled debut CD.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Danny Gokey's single and Matt Giraud's new original song!

Danny Gokey has announced that his song " It's Only" will not be his single but instead he is releasing a song titled " My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me" as his first single off of his upcoming debut CD.

Danny's management says that this single will arrive on country radio within the next few days and will be available for digital download on December 22nd.

Listen to both songs by clicking the links below:

Saturday, the 21st was quite big day for Matt Giraud. He performed his first solo concert post-Idol. The concert was held at Cornerstone Church in Michigan to celebrate the church's grand opening. There was an afternoon show which was held at 3:30 pm and an evening show at 7:30. The evening show was followed by a spectacular display of fireworks. Matt performed a new original song titled "I Miss You Tonight". Watch the performance by clicking the link below:

David Cook on Live With Regis And Kelly and Adam Lambert on Letterman!

While in Las Vegas David recently dropped by Live With Regis And Kelly for a small interview and he performed "Declaration". Watch the video by clicking the links below.

*NOTE* The quality of the videos are not very high. We will add ones with better quality when they are found.

These are pictures of Adam Lambert on the set of David Letterman. Adam has said that he will not be performing his song "For Your Entertainment" but will instead be performing "Whataya Want From Me". The episode of Letterman will be airing on the 25th of November.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Watch the AMA's tonight!

Don't forget to watch the American Music Awards at 8pacific on ABC! Daughtry, and Adam Lambert will both be performing. While Kris Allen will be presenting. Also Daughtry is up for some awards!
Show them some support and tune in!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

David Cook's New Song!

About a week ago during a show in ST. Louis the 2008 American Idol winner premiered a new song he had been working on. This was the first time he had ever performed it live. The song is titled "Make Believe". And I must admit that it makes one a little bit more eager for his next album to come out. However nothing has been said regarding the date of his next album. So for now enjoy this little taste of it. The link to the performance is below.

Recently Daughtry teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys and Salvation Army in order to help give back to the community during the holiday season.
Watch this video of Daughtry's charitable work!
And don't forget that Daughtry will be performing at the Cowboys and Raiders game on Thanksgiving Day!

And remember to vote for Daughtry, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen at the People's Choice Awards. The show is airing January 6th 2010 on CBS.
Vote Here!

Album Review: Kris Allen's debut

Kris Allen's debut album, which was released on November 13th, has exceeded what I expected from him. It's an acoustic album paired with a pop and slight rock sound. Following in the footsteps of the Idol winner before him, Allen wrote the bulk of the tracks on his debut and that would explain why it sounds just like the Kris Allen America fell in love with while he was contending on the show.
The songs on this album highlight the smoothness of his voice and show a deeper, more meaningful side to Allen's performing and musical abilities. He has shown that he is a true musician, one that will engrave himself a spot in the world of music.
The best song on this album would have to be the track 'Red Guitar', which Allen penned for his wife before he ever went on Idol, it is a smooth and heartfelt song. It provides an almost dreamlike quality as he lends a smooth vocal over a layer of gentle music. The best part of the song would have to be the break around the 2:40 mark, where all you're left with is a background of soft music and Allen's lowered, almost exposed voice. Another highlight would have to be 'I need to know'. It is a mellow, heartwrenching piano based song where Allen expresses every emotion a man can convey into such a powerful song. The last track which is Allen's rendition of Kanye West's 'Heartless' a more tweaked version than the one he performed solely acoustically on Idol. It is more synthesized, it contains more of an otherworldly atmosphere. However it is one of the most superior covers of a song I have heard.
Allen's album is a success- not just for an Idol winner but for any musician. This is a sure hit, and will outlast most of the albums released this year as well as most of the Idol winners before him. He is surely one of the best musicians, one of the most talented contestants Idol will ever see. His album is a testament to the personal effects of a true songwriter and the way a simple word sang by a smooth voice can reach the soul of any listener. With the sound of this debut it isn't a wonder as to why Allen won the Idol title.

Friday, November 20, 2009

See Kris Allen On Ellen!

On Tuesday, November 24th at 4pm(PT) you can see the reigning American Idol winner, Kris Allen on Ellen for the release of his debut CD which is available now in stores across the country!
This will be the second time that Kris Allen has appeared on the show.
So in the meantime you can watch his first appearance the show just after he was crowned the 2009 American Idol. Just click the link below:

And if you are looking to see other Idols be sure to check out Carrie Underwood and David Cook on Carrie Underwood: An All Star Holiday Special on December 7th at 8-10 (ET/PT) on Fox.

Carrie will also be appearing on Conan O'Brien on Monday, Ellen Degeneres (Wednesday) and Jimmy Kimmel (Thursday).

And remember pick up this month's issue of People magazine Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry are listed on the People's 110 sexiest men alive.
And watch Chris Daughtry backstage at the People photo shoot here:,,20315920_20320246,00.html

IdolWood Spotlight

Chris Daughtry

After having been shockingly voted off after earning a spot in the 2006 season of Idol, Chris Daughtry has made more than just success with his band, Daughtry. Arguably the most successful Idol contestant, Daughtry has shown more than just stability on the billboards. His singles have all been hits and his albums have pleased fans and critics alike. He is by far one of the best contestants Idol has and will ever see.

With his sophomore album Leave This Town, Daughtry has brought back his authentic sound of rock and a background touch of country. He has escaped the slump which most bands and musicians have faced with their second release. We all knew a slump was absolutely not in the cards for Chris Daughtry, and will more than likely never be part of his career.

Almost all of America agrees that Chris Daughtry was one of the most interesting, talented, and musically arresting artists that has ever graced the Idol stage. Funny thing is when he auditioned Simon told him he had no charisma or personality. Well apparently his millions of fans don't agree at all.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What are they up to? 2009's top 5

2009's Idol season was one of the best seasons to ever air. It not only brought us a new Idol winner but it also brought the world a whole new set of talent to look forward to.
We'll take a look back at the top 5 and what they are up to in their careers now.

Kris Allen

When Kris Allen first showed his vocal talent during auditions there was immediately something special about him. He went onto develop into one of the most talented, authentic musicians the show has ever showcased. He not only performed one of the best performances with 'Heartless' he also showed America that simple talent is best when it transforms into star quality.
As 2009's Idol winner a lot was expected of him. While on the 2009 Idol Tour he began work on his debut album that was anticipated greatly. And finally on November 13th his album came out. He has both impressed and lived up to the Idol crown he won.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert was instantly recognized when he auditioned with his rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. He was exciting, talented, bombastic, and altogether fabulous. Not only did he make his mark as Idol's most controversial contestant but he also showed he could put his Broadway vocals to good use, he showed he could put on a good show.
His album -that is set to release on November 23rd- will no doubt be the good time and fantastic music he showed the world when he graced the Idol stage.

Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey came onto Idol with an audition that easily brought emotions to the surface. Both his voice and story behind him taking a shot at the show easily won people over. He continuously kept up a good spirit showing people that faith can get you through anything. He was pure soul, with a touch of country that would soon become his future in music.
Having signed with RCA Nashville, Gokey has said his album is set to be released in early 2010. His music will no doubt show the faith he believes in as well as keeping the positive attitude he has come to be known for.

Allison Iraheta

Allison Iraheta surprised everyone with her strong vocals having just been 16 when she auditioned. She showed a different side of the female contestant, separating herself from everyone else. She had a style all her own and had a personality as likable as any of her performances.
With her album set to drop on Dec.1st 2009, she will no doubt show the public that no one can ever be too young to be a true star.

Matt Giraud

Being the first Idol contestant ever to have been saved by the judges, Matt Giraud showed a side of soul not many had seen on Idol before him. He was talented beyond the comparisons to other artists, and could play piano like no one else on the season. He chose songs that suited him and gave them a touch of his own style. He was at his best singing the hits from MoTown and singing the classic 'My Funny Valentine'.
Although Matt Giraud has yet to be signed he is set to sing on a duet album from Jazz singer Annie Wilson. Soon enough someone will sign him and he will be able to showcase his soul and jazz to the music world that is awaiting his kind of originality.