Friday, November 20, 2009

IdolWood Spotlight

Chris Daughtry

After having been shockingly voted off after earning a spot in the 2006 season of Idol, Chris Daughtry has made more than just success with his band, Daughtry. Arguably the most successful Idol contestant, Daughtry has shown more than just stability on the billboards. His singles have all been hits and his albums have pleased fans and critics alike. He is by far one of the best contestants Idol has and will ever see.

With his sophomore album Leave This Town, Daughtry has brought back his authentic sound of rock and a background touch of country. He has escaped the slump which most bands and musicians have faced with their second release. We all knew a slump was absolutely not in the cards for Chris Daughtry, and will more than likely never be part of his career.

Almost all of America agrees that Chris Daughtry was one of the most interesting, talented, and musically arresting artists that has ever graced the Idol stage. Funny thing is when he auditioned Simon told him he had no charisma or personality. Well apparently his millions of fans don't agree at all.

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