Saturday, November 21, 2009

Album Review: Kris Allen's debut

Kris Allen's debut album, which was released on November 13th, has exceeded what I expected from him. It's an acoustic album paired with a pop and slight rock sound. Following in the footsteps of the Idol winner before him, Allen wrote the bulk of the tracks on his debut and that would explain why it sounds just like the Kris Allen America fell in love with while he was contending on the show.
The songs on this album highlight the smoothness of his voice and show a deeper, more meaningful side to Allen's performing and musical abilities. He has shown that he is a true musician, one that will engrave himself a spot in the world of music.
The best song on this album would have to be the track 'Red Guitar', which Allen penned for his wife before he ever went on Idol, it is a smooth and heartfelt song. It provides an almost dreamlike quality as he lends a smooth vocal over a layer of gentle music. The best part of the song would have to be the break around the 2:40 mark, where all you're left with is a background of soft music and Allen's lowered, almost exposed voice. Another highlight would have to be 'I need to know'. It is a mellow, heartwrenching piano based song where Allen expresses every emotion a man can convey into such a powerful song. The last track which is Allen's rendition of Kanye West's 'Heartless' a more tweaked version than the one he performed solely acoustically on Idol. It is more synthesized, it contains more of an otherworldly atmosphere. However it is one of the most superior covers of a song I have heard.
Allen's album is a success- not just for an Idol winner but for any musician. This is a sure hit, and will outlast most of the albums released this year as well as most of the Idol winners before him. He is surely one of the best musicians, one of the most talented contestants Idol will ever see. His album is a testament to the personal effects of a true songwriter and the way a simple word sang by a smooth voice can reach the soul of any listener. With the sound of this debut it isn't a wonder as to why Allen won the Idol title.

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