Sunday, November 29, 2009

Album Review: Adam lambert's debut

For Your Entertainment

Adam Lambert has fixed himself into the world of Hollywood's music scene with a series of controversies and publicity. He became famous after performing so bombastically on Idol, even before he ever released a single or album. But recently he has released his album, appropriately called For Your Entertainment.

Lambert's album rarely matches the depth and soul which Idol winner's Kris Allen's CD reaches but it shows the height of Lambert's vocal talent and his amazing ability to entertain. A fusion of pop, dance, with just a little bit of rock, his album reaches the craze of today's coverage on passing the "normal" boundaries of everyday performers.

Having enlisted the help of today's top song writers such as Pink, Matt Bellamy, and Ryan Teddar the album exudes what the billboards thirst for to become hits. And Lambert's vocal range is apparent on each track that is recorded with synth music and a chart topping kind of flavor.

The best track would have to be Soaked. Reminiscent of one of the powerful songs from Muse (Singer Matt Bellamy wrote the song) it gives a wonderful lulling wave of piano and a smooth vocal. Another highlight would have to be Sleepwalker (written by hit maker and OneRepublic frontman Ryan Teddar). It presents an otherworldly sound with a sheet of powerful lyrics.
Most of the songs are edgy dance melodies that give you enough volume and excitement to keep you on your feet throughout the night as you listen to it.

Lambert's voice is what makes this album a highlight. He has certainly emerged into the spotlight of what people expected from him since his popular days on Idol. He will surely become one of the biggest entertainers of the decade. I'll be surprised with anything less.

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