Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Album Review: Daughtry's sophomore release


After having a top selling debut album, chart topping band Daughtry returned this year with their anticipated follow-up Leave This Town. The bands second release consists of deeply written lyrics and the genuine rock sound that Daughtry has never strayed from. Once more Daughtry proves that this is why they have become one of the top bands of recent years.

Frontman Chris Daughtry's name appears as a co-writer or sole writer on each of the twelve tracks which explains the depth to which the songs reach. His lyrics cross emotional barriers and express a world of both sorrow and yet also hope. The band has proven that the sophomore slump is only myth- at least in there case.

One of the best tracks would be Open Up Your Eyes, written by both Chris Daughtry and Ben Moody. It is an emotional journey with a tone of desperation and an absolute height of expression towards the emotions written in the form of lyrics. Every Time You Turn Around is also a highlight giving a hard rock edge as well as a strong vocal. But the best track of the whole album would have to be Call Your Name. The way he sings the lyrics so emotionally is gripping and the music which heightens mid-way creates the atmosphere more thoroughly.

Leave This Town is the kind of album most modern "rock" bands never achieve and the lyrical depth is what's lacking from most songs on the radio. It isn't a wonder that Daughtry has proven to be so successful.

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