Friday, December 11, 2009

Idol Spotlight

Michael Johns

Michael Johns was a stand out from the moment he auditioned. He went through the seventh season effortlessly until his shocking elimination. He had a great voice, a huge amount of talent and great stage presence.

Michael Johns released his debut album Hold Back My Heart in earlier this year and gave a us a vastly different sound and a moment that brought us back to the music that we all love. His voice is wonderful and his lyrics grip you. He has not failed to grab the attention of his fan base and it surprises me that he has not gained much fascination from the public eye. He has however been touring and has also left his mark on Idol. He is the contestant that should never have been eliminated. The contestant that makes us all wonder what could have been had he stayed longer.

Michael Johns will never be forgotten and his music will continue to please. He is one of a kind, a man of mass talent and charisma. Michael Johns cannot be denied as one great singer and will always be one of the best contestants ever.

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  1. How right you are! It came as a big shock when he was eliminated .The whole family was disappointed...