Friday, December 4, 2009

Album Review: Allison Iraheta's debut

Just Like You

Allison Iraheta proved herself on American idol to be not only one of the youngest contestants but also proving herself as one of the best singers during the course of the season.

Her debut album Just Like You was released December 1st and it provides a more pop version of Iraheta than we saw on Idol. Her voice has a true rock edge and that is what shines throughout the record. The album gives her tracks to shine with her powerful vocals and occasionally reaches a peak of good music.

You Don't Know Me (a track co-written by Iraheta) is one of the best songs on the album. It shows a rock side of her and displays Iraheta's budding talent and songwriting capabilities. Pieces is another highlight offering verses of an emotional vocal where it seems like she is actually feeling the lyrics which she is singing. Songs like Trouble Is, Scars, and No One Else show her mature talent and amazing range at such a young age.

Iraheta will gain much attention for the progress of her voice and if all she has is going forward from this album she will no doubt become a success. She has nowhere to go really except up. Her album is more mature and much better than most of the music played on TV and she should get more attention for it. The album is a success and will give her a lot more than just a few years in the music industry. If she fades out with that voice I don't really know what's happened to music today.

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