Thursday, November 26, 2009

7 things we're thankful for...

2009's Idol season brought us so many different milestones, moments, memories, and of course a new Idol winner. But there were moments that we could never forget, ones that will stay with us until- well forever. So we will be counting down the 10 moments we were most thankful for this past Idol season.

7: Adam Lambert's Ring of Fire Performance

Adam Lambert's performance of Ring of Fire proved to be one of the most groundbreaking and original performances Idol has ever witnessed. Although Lambert had previously shown his unique personality, Ring of Fire declared exactly who he was as an artist.

6:Kris Allen performs Heartless

Kris Allen was no stranger when it came to mixing up a song and making it all his own but when he performed an acoustic cover of Kanye West's Heartless it was literally a grand surprise. Kris Allen not only won over America with such an outstanding performance but he also received amazing feedback as well as the Idol crown. He showed himself as a true artist when he announced he was performing that.

5: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert perform with Queen

Rock legends Queen have always been at the center of true stardom and artistry so when it was revealed that they would be gracing the Idol stage everyone was excited. Seeing the two top finalists on stage with them was truly compelling. Even more amazing was that they truly did hold their own amid all that star-power.

4: Matt Giraud is saved by the judges

History was made on April 15th when Matt Giraud was saved by the judges after having been eliminated by fan votes. He went on to give two more wonderful performances and gave us a moment we aren't likely to forget.

3: Daughtry unveils new song

Music sensation Daughtry wowed the crowd once more with their new smash single No Surprise. Not only did they unveil a new song but this marked another well accepted performance by front man Chris Daughtry, who received thunderous applause mimicking the kind he got while a contestant on the show.

2: David Cook returns not once....but TWICE

Reigning Idol winner David Cook returned to the Idol stage in early April to perform his second single Come Back To Me and was presented with the plaque of his platinum record. But Cook truly showed his artistic quality when he returned for the finale after such a short while after his brother passed away. He performed a heartbreaking rendition of Permanent. He proved that he will always be one of the best Idol winners.

1: Kris Allen Wins American Idol

Kris Allen looked the most surprised out of all of the Idol winners before him and it became a truly priceless moment.

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