Friday, March 5, 2010

Album Review: Gokey goes country in debut

An album packed with songs that display the great talent Danny Gokey has that rocketed him to the top 3 of 2009's American Idol. This time though he comes full force with a country twist to his music (apparently on advice of Randy Travis) and it more than works. My Best Days is a blend of catchy, inspiring, and powerful songs giving Gokey an outlet for both his talent, his faith, and that motivation he brought to all of us when he graced the Idol stage.

The best song by far is I Will Not Say Goodbye. A powerful song that drips with heartache and sorrow. A perfect vehicle for Gokey's intense voice, it both grips you and will no doubt bring you to tears. It's Only (the retracted first single) is the perfect song for the times we live in now and the emotions he infuses into the melody is absolutely perfect. I Still Believe is a song that offers us the faith Gokey has always displayed. The lyrics are inspired and perfectly delivered. A testament to the power of belief and prayer.

It seems that Gokey has perhaps found his niche' in music with this well crafted and beautifully delivered debut. I'm hoping that this album is well received and that it brings about just what it is displaying: Faith, love, and inspiration. I will be surprised if this album isn't what Gokey's fans and also non-fans expected of him.

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