Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Review: Top 12 is chosen

So another week of performances rolled in for 2010 and another round of disappointments followed. The only stand out was Lee Dewyze and I rather enjoyed Todrick Hall's Somebody To Love. Tim Urban's performance of Hallelujah was alright but touched nothing of performances of that song from the past. The girls (although appraised this year) have failed to impress despite the powerhouse of Crystal Bowersox's voice.)
The results show gave us a long overdue performance from Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud which easily showed us what we're missing from this season. There also arrived the unveiling of the Top 12. Alex lambert went home which seemed like a typical choice, so did Katelyn Epperly. But then Todrick Hall and Lilly Scott also were sent packing. Although I wasn't one to rave about these two performers I just didn't think that they deserved to be voted off so early.
So next week Idol brings us the theme of the Rolling Stones and a performance from David Cook. Can't wait to see if this years contestants can outshine an Idol of the past...

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