Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekly Review: Myles goes home

Billboards number 1's was the theme and mostly the performances have begun to fair better than before. Looks like these contestants needed to be pushed into a theme to really show who they were.

On a day when Miley Cyrus was a mentor (although people questioned why she would be mentoring them she wasn't too bad) there were performances that definitely stood out while others fizzled. The performances that became the matter of survival to make it to Idol's Summer tour.
Lee Dewyze proved he isn't always uncomfortable while on stage. His jazzy performance of The Letter was one of the week's standouts along with Crystal Bowersox's vocally charged performance of Joplin's Me And Bobby McGee.

It was only more than obvious who would be going home this Wednesday and we were all just waiting for it. We were also expecting this week's results show to be flooded by teen idols who performed their current singles. However we weren't expecting Simon to rip away Paige Miles' last chance performance for a shot at the save. Whether it was harsh and whether or not Paige's vocal abilities ( or sudden lack thereof) were the reason for her elimination we don't know but we're expecting another reasonable elimination next week where the contestants will be singing R&B/Soul with Usher as their mentor. Can't wait.

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