Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Review: Top 20 perform, four more get eliminated

With the guys dominating the night it is easy to say that all the performances that will be highlighted this week will come from the guys. After Crystal Bowersox's health scare left us having to hear the guys first we found ourselves enjoying ourselves quite a bit. Although some performances were much better than others there were obvious improvements. It's safe to say that the guys dominated the week.
The best performance by a mile was Lee Dewyze's Lips Of An Angel where he showcased more of that rasp and grit that is so amazing to hear. Tim Urban showed major improvement by singing a song well fitted for his vocals with Come On Get Higher and Alex Lambert showed America he's not only the 'nervous one' when he performed Everyone Knows.
As for the girls there was not much to highlight and nothing at all to get excited for. Most were seemingly tone deaf and others just chose horrible songs. Even our female fvorite Crystal Bowersox (although she showed as usual her great voice) leaned towards the boring side. I'm sad to confess that it was perhaps one of the worst performance episodes I had ever seen on Idol and I've been watching since 2006.
This week's results show voted off the ones that should have gone home last week and lso brought us some more Danny Gokey- who reached the top 3 last year.
I'm hoping for a step up from the girls and even MORE improvements from the guys. I'm also looking forward to seeing what Lee does next...Even if that's biased or not.

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