Saturday, January 9, 2010

Album review- Katharine McPhee's sophomore

Accomplishing a feat not many pop stars before her have, Katharine McPhee has shown a much more mature side to her self titled debut album in 2007. Three years of wait and finally McPhee has released Unbroken, having co-written six of the tracks, it is a successful accomplishment for her music career.

Although the album is packed with beautifully sung vocals, smoothly arranged music, and lyrics that make you feel what emotions they are meant to convey, there are some that do stand out.
Had It All, an ode to what has been lost and what was thrown away. McPhee's vocals are strong as usual and the lyrics (co-written by Kara Dioguardi) are thoughtful. Terrified, about the feelings of fear before falling into a new relationship, is also a track that is highlight. Another song is Surrender, a love song that delivers the willing feeling of love and the arresting wonder of surrendering to it, a beautiful melody and flawless vocals are given.

If Unbroken is any indication of what is to come from McPhee in the future all of IdolWood and the hoards of music lovers will certainly anticipate what comes next.

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