Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekly Review: Los Angeles/Dallas auditions

Los Angeles and Dallas have been visited a few times by American Idol and usually there are people worth seeing for 60 minutes. However this season we saw a minuscule amount talent in either city.
In Los Angeles there was talent and yet very little to jump up and down about. The guest judges (Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry) were less than interesting and the episode gave nothing exciting. So it is from the Dallas auditions we will be taking our highlights from. Dallas provided three favorites and two rather interesting judges (Neil Patrick Harris and Joe Jonas).

Dave Pittman

Dave Pittman stepped into the judges room with an inspiring story and an amazing voice. I really hope he makes it in Hollywood!

Erica Rhodes

The former Barney actress came in with a rather...interesting get up and a voice that kept us interested!

Todrick Hall

He worked with Fantasia on stage and now he's looking for some fame of his own. We're waiting for it too!

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