Monday, January 11, 2010

Idol Spotlight:

David Hernandez

In the 2008 American Idol season David Hernandez landed the spot in the top 12, based on his easy vocals and interesting stage persona. However during this time a scandal rocked the stage of Idol. Hernandez's past was revealed and was quickly eliminated from the show. Whether or not his elimination actually had anything at all to do with the details of his past still remains an unanswered topic but what is known is the fact that David Hernandez was a very talented singer.
Hernandez appeared on the American Stars In Concert tour with Season 6 finalist Gina Glocksen and season 8's Michael Sarver and Alexis Grace. In Mid-January he will be on the Ballroom with a Twist as the lead singer which will run through mid-March.

He also has released a Christmas album that is available at and I-Tunes. The album is called This Christmas.

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