Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly Review: Boston/Atlanta auditions

This week showcased as much talent as we have ever seen. The contestants ere fresh, ready, passionate, and sometimes hilarious. Nothing has come short from the moment the auditions got under way. As usual we hear Ryan Seacrest welcoming us, as delightful as ever before, and then we see multitudes of talent (some not so much) storm through the doors to try to get their ticket to Hollywood. The judges can be brutal, harsh, but altogether mostly honest and totally true. However IdolWood did see some standouts, a few who we will be pulling for once Hollywood week goes under way.

In Boston, a rain drenched day wasn't enough to cease the talent that showed off their fabulous vocal abilities. Victoria Beckham acted as the guest judge as we saw so much talent that is truly unforgettable. Here are our favorites from Boston.

Maddie Curtis-

The soulful 16 year old blew us away with her powerful vocals and amazing story!

Luke Shaffer
Luke Shaffer sang Secondhand Serenades "Fall For You" and it immediately got us liking him!

Justin Williams
Cancer survivor Justin Williams was as talented as he was inspirational. His vocals got us telling everyone to look out for him standing out in Hollywood!

Atlanta was no slacker when it came to talent. The usual abundance of talent rang through honestly! Here are our favorites from Atlanta as Mary J. Blige acted as guest judge!
Vanessa Wolfe
An honest, charming, and true southern girl Vanessa Wolfe gave us the kind of country the south is known for!

Holly Harden
When "Guitar Girl" came into the judges room we were all expecting another joke and go around. However when she opened her mouth to sing, we were all caught off guard! we're expecting to be unexpectedly surprised during Hollywood week!

Over all they passed through 56 people this week, let's wait with anticipation to see who else makes it in the coming weeks!

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